About University

About University

Dnipro State University of Internal Affairs is the leading higher educational institution of the region, which trains specialists for law enforcement, human rights, judicial bodies, justice, legal services of enterprises and organizations.

The educational institution was established in 1966 and has made the way from the specialized police school to the university. During its existence, about 30 thousand law enforcement officers have been trained at the University, 22 of whom have obtained the rank of general.

Dnipro State University of Internal Affairs is a multi-profile higher educational establishment of the MIA of Ukraine system, which embraces all stages of education: Bachelor, Master, internship, PhD studies, advance training and post-graduate studies.

The University includes the following faculties:

– Educational-and-Scientific Institute of Law and Training Specialists the National Police Units;

– Educational-and-Scientific Institute of Law and Innovative Education;

– Faculty of Training Specialists for Criminal Police Subdivisions;

– Faculty of Training Specialists for Subdivisions of Preventive Activity;

– Educational-scientific Institute of Distance Learning and Skills Upgrading;

– Zaporizhzhya center of primary vocational training “Academy of Police”

Scientific-and-pedagogical staff (more than 325 persons) performs teaching, educational, methodic and scientific-and-research activity; 64 per cent of our staff has scientific degrees and grades. 70 percent of the teaching staff have many years of practical experience in the work of the National Police and other organizations and institutions that are directly involved in law enforcement.

In general, the University trains more than 5,000 of cadets, students and listeners in specialties “Law”, “Law Enforcement Activity”, “Psychology”, “Economics”, “Management”, “Public Management and Administration”, “International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies”.

Nearly 1,600 persons are admitted by the University annually, who obtain the diplomas of Junior Specialist, Bachelor and Master after the graduation.

Territory – 18.3 ha

Area of educational buildings – 59861 m2

14 lectures halls for 1300 seats

79 specialized audiences

3 hostels, 2000 places dining room, canteens, volleyball and football grounds, 8 specialized gyms as well as shooting and multimedia ranges operate at the territory of the University.



The combination of scientific achievements and experience of lecturers allows to use the innovative forms of education in the educational process, combining the traditional teaching of a theoretical course on solving practical situational problems, conducting special training sessions in conditions as close as possible to real ones. Practical trainings are performed by certified teachers in tactical police training, including ICITAP certificates.

The university actively uses an integrated, interdisciplinary approach in the educational process. For the first time in Ukraine, on the basis of a university in the system of police training, a closed loop of law enforcement, law enforcement and judicial practice was proposed and processed in the development of standard training plots about illegal acts.

Courtroom, educational ground “Economic Security”, tactical medicine room, interactive room for combatting domestic violence, psycho-training complex, shooting and multimedia ranges, interactive room “Unit of the National Police”; working places for specialists of the National Police (of the operational line 102, patrol service dispatcher, investigator, operational officer, juvenile prevention officer) with mobile emulators of informational and informational-search systems operate at DSUIA.

The University supports ties with 27 educational establishments, scientific institutions and organizations. Besides, mutual cooperation agreements have been signed with 15 partners. In 2018, DSUIA became the 55th member of the Association of European Police Colleges (AEPC).

The multimedia shooting range with a total area of 175 m2, with simulators for no-bullet shooting and an interactive pneumatic shooting range has been equipped in the framework of the project funded with the Bulgarian Development Aid.

Shooting range with conventional ammo for shooting from a distance of 25 and 50 meters. In September 2017, in order to practice the skills of firing from behind the shelter and from the car and to carry out firing at both a fixed and a moving target a car simulator of a special design has been set.

In working with personnel special attention is paid to moral, spiritual and esthetic up-brining of higher education applicants. For this purpose DSUIA has created all conditions for comprehensive development of a personality. DSUIA’s History Museum is a core of education and teaching; it contributes in forming the national consciousness in students and provides spiritual unity of generations.

The University supports operation of the psychological department. It has become the basis for psycho-training complex, which employs three rooms with five automated working places for psychologists. There is a room for conducting individual and team psychological preventive work (psychological self-regulation room). A separate working place of a psychologist has been created to conduct procedures applying room’s equipment – multimedia center and monitor. Psychological self-regulation room is used for practical classes with students, cadets and staff for them to apply key methods of psychological relaxation. The innovation is using the premises with the educational purpose to conduct expert trainings, practical classes, working over practical means, etc. via online system connected with 2 rooms simultaneously with 4 cameras. Psychological department has become a basis for creating the Center of Psychological Aid and Rehabilitation for Veterans/Soldiers of АТО/JFO.

Moreover, the University supports the following projects:

• Educational and Scientific Laboratory for Research of the Problems of the Legal Status of Internally Displaced Persons and Ensuring Gender Equality;

• “Legal Assistance Center «Istina» to protect human rights, in which operation teachers and law students are involved;

• Lithuanian Law Center, which is a platform for exchange of international legal experience and building partnerships between Ukrainian and Lithuanian lecturers and scientists.