On February 5, 2020, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and the Executive Director of CEPOL Detlef Schröder signed an Agreement between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training. From now on, Ukrainian law enforcement officers will have the opportunity to undergo trainings, exchange the latest practices and gain access to the open resources of e-Net the electronic network of CEPOL.

Within the framework of the Agreement, a National Contact Point, through which the Ukrainian side will interact with CEPOL, was established in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

CEPOL is the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training, whose activities are aimed at developing, implementing and coordinating the training of law enforcement officers.

CEPOL’s headquarters are located in Budapest, Hungary.

CEPOL is headed by Executive Director Dr. h. c. Detlef Schröder.

CEPOL contributes to a safer Europe by facilitating cooperation and knowledge sharing among law enforcement officials of the EU Member States and to some extent, from third countries, on issues stemming from EU priorities in the field of security; in particular, from the EU Policy Cycle on serious and organized crime.

CEPOL brings together a network of training institutes for law enforcement officials in EU Member States and supports them in providing frontline training on security priorities, law enforcement cooperation and information exchange. CEPOL also works with EU bodies, international organizations, and third countries to ensure that the most serious security threats are tackled with a collective response.

The Management Board is made up of representatives from EU Member States and the EU Commission. The chair of the Management Board is a representative of one of the three Member States that have jointly prepared the Council of the European Union’s 18-month programme. The Management Board meets at least two times per year. In addition, CEPOL has dedicated National Units (CNUs) in every Member State to provide information and assistance to law enforcement officials who wish to participate in CEPOL’s activities.

The agency’s annual work programme is built with input from this network and other stakeholders, resulting in topical and focused activities designed to meet the needs of Member States in the priority areas of the EU internal security strategy. Moreover, CEPOL assesses training needs to address EU security priorities.

CEPOL constantly strives to offer innovative and advanced training activities by integrating relevant developments in knowledge, research & technology, and by creating synergies through strengthened cooperation.

CEPOL’s current portfolio encompasses residential activities, online learning (i.e. webinars, online modules, online courses, etc.), exchange programmes, common curricula, research and science.

Mission of the CEPOL is to make Europe a safer place through law enforcement training and learning.

CEPOL is the centre of European law enforcement training and learning, focused on innovation and quality.

Core values:

– Human rights and fundamental freedoms

– European cooperation

– Quality

– Innovation

– Reliability

CEPOL brings together law enforcement professionals to: offer them opportunities to grow personally and professionally through training; contribute by learning to solve issues related to European security; establish networks of training institutes and professionals.

CEPOL’s motto is learning, innovation and motivation.

CEPOL New Initiatives

The EU Agency for Law Enforcement Training is releasing today its brand new eLearning platform, LEEd. Aimed at enhancing the online learning experience of users, CEPOL’s novel online training system has been engineered to be simple to use yet powerful, with built in customisation capabilities, a powerful search engine as part of its core infrastructure and advanced data functionalities for streamlined reporting and easy track of learners’ progress.

CEPOL’s Executive Director, Dr.h.c Detlef Schröder, commented on the new eLearning platform: “The emergence of new eLearning solutions and technologies is constantly transforming the landscape of education. With LEEd, CEPOL places its eLearning strategy into the orbit of advanced technological education solutions for law enforcement training in Europe. This is a an important milestone in our journey to improve the quality of our learning and to enrich all our training programmes. We are very pleased to see LEEd rolling out”.

As of today, LEEd will be migrating away from eNet, CEPOL’s current eLearning management system, which registers today around 30,000 online training users. Unlike eNet, LEEd offers CEPOL’s training activities grouped into thematic areas. This constitutes a clear shift in the look and the way CEPOL presents its digital learning and training portfolio to its audience across the European Union and third countries. Many trainings are accompanied with certificates on their passing.

In addition to the training offer, the platform offers research and science resources in the form of a repository of documents with browsing and filter capabilities by categories. LEEd also includes a forum for the users to communicate among themselves and publish or modify content; a connection with the EBSCO Discovery Service to consult e-books and e-journals; and a space for conference management.

The platform also allows closer collaboration with other partners and organisations from the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) agencies’ network through a new Virtual Training Centre. This new e-learning environment will be soon made available to iOS and Android phone users through a mobile app. At a later stage, it will also integrate an innovative events’ log with all upcoming training activities. leed.cepol.europa.eu

All e-Net users are receiving today an email with detailed instructions on how to activate their accounts on LEEd. Additionally, CEPOL has deployed a helpdesk team to assist from today with the re-activation process. Those encountering difficulties in accessing LEEd are invited to send an email to LEEd-support@cepol.europa.eu

Official website – www.cepol.europa.eu