Skill Refinement: Elective Classes for DSUIA Cadets


Elective classes in tactical and pre-medical training were held for first and second-year cadets of the Faculty of Specialist Training for Criminal Police Units at the Dnipro State University of Internal Affairs.

To enhance the theoretical skills acquired during lecture sessions, DSUIA cadets participated in an elective on tactical training themed “Actions in Small Tactical Groups.” Second-year cadets practiced group movements, situational awareness, approaching buildings, and overcoming artificial obstacles.

Additionally, elective classes in tactical medicine were conducted for first and second-year cadets. During the session, exercises included applying tourniquets to limbs to stop critical bleeding on themselves and providing aid to other simulated victims.

These classes are conducted regularly, as police officers must be prepared to act correctly within their units and provide effective pre-medical assistance.


Public Relations Department of DSUIA